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Gel Technology

In general it has been a traditional art to provide a cushion, which achieves comfort by eliminating peak pressure areas and by evenly distributing the cushioning force over a broad surface area. Some of these attempts include foam cushions, fluid cushions, spring mattress and others.
Progel is similar to human flesh in its consistency, touch, and reaction to pressure. One of its great qualities in seating application is that the Progel conforms exactly to the body shape of the sitter, achieving a high degree of equal weight distribution and having good shock absorbing properties. The Progel’s ability to flow ensures effective distribution of pressure. Progel can be more than 2000% expandable and offers a correspondingly high level of comfort.
Progel represents a physical state whose property lies between liquid and solid. It is formed by a three dimensional network structure dispersed in homogeneous liquid phase. Both the network and the liquid phase penetrate each other. In Progel the dispersed network is formed primarily of copolymers and plasticizers, both of which are commonly referred as hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons are elements, which are made up mainly of Carbon (C) and Hydrogen (H) atoms. They give Progel a considerable degree of dimensional stability and highly elastic character. Nevertheless, as a dispersant phase still has a certain amount of flowability, Progel is valuable for applications, which require a high level of pressure distribution or shock absorption capacity.
Progel will never loose its elasticity and stability. The softness, elasticity and tear strength of the Progel can be widely varied.
The “jelly like” characteristics of Progel, can be transparent opaque and can be of different other colors. A covering material can also be used. If the covering material is damaged, however, the Progel will not flow out. When covered with any material the properties of the finished part strongly depend on the kind of covering, therefore we use 2 way stretchable fabric with good memory and elasticity.
Another important factor is the good skin compatibility, especially when used in the medical sector and especially in the event of direct skin contact.
As a result of its chemical structure, Progel offers an attractive property profile :

• Individually adjustable shore hardness
• Aesthetic appeal.
• Hypoallergenic : Good skin compatibility
• Good pressure distribution
• High shock absorption
• High elasticity
• Good recovery capability
• Non irritating to skin
• Soft, Strong and Elastic
• Excellent moisture barrier
• Clear (Transparent)
• Excellent low temperature properties
Good high temperature properties
Low dielectric constant
• Strippable

The salient features of progel for humanity
Easy to use and can be kept on any existing flat surface or laying area – no inflating, kneading or adjusting required for optimal use.
Relieve fatigue and prolong seating/laying comfort. This special formulation of Progel will never loose its elasticity and stability.
The Progel evidences a high level of heat conductivity. It absorbs body heat slowly and then quickly dissipates it again. This avoids “overheating” of the skin.
Effective pressure relief : Perfect for those with Coccydynia (tailbone pain), hemorrhoids, bed ridden. Even after prolonged exposure to high pressure, Progel returns to its original shape with virtually no changes.
Minimizes Pressure Sores : Good pressure distribution helps prevent pressure sores in diabetics of those confined to physical immobility.


• Scientific design
• Medical grade raw material
• Affordability
• Durability
• Light in weight
• Easy maintenance (washable)

Progel Characterization

The different property showed by Progel, depending on there cross linking degree, leads us to measuring its properties like :
Tensile Strength : Upto 1600 psi
Bulk Specific Gravity : Can vary from 0.3 g/cc to 0.9 g/cc
Elastic Deflection (Extension) : Upto 2000% of (20 times) relaxed length at failure.
Color : Water Clear, so it can be reliably colored from translucent to pastel to fluorescent to opaque.
Allergic reaction : Hypoallergenic, Can pass human latex sensitivity test with zero reaction.
Toxicity : Nontoxic. Can pass Human Cell Cytotoxicity score 0, Human Cell Hemolysis score 0.


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